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Consider renting a vehicle for a self-guided tour while in Nome.    We also recommend Nome Discovery Tours, the best guide in the North.  Richard has a wealth of knowledge about the surrounding area.    

While you are visiting Nome, Alaska the White Alice is a must see. This is the remnants of the communications center which was so vital during the Korean war. Pilots still use this as a navigation point especially during bad weather. Anvil Rock is just a short distance from White Alice.

Many activities are planned that include Anvil Mountain, such as the Anvil Run. Standing on this Rock gives you a commanding view of Nome, Alaska, and the surrounding area. It also gives you a bird’s eye view of our camp that is to the north. Pick up a map at the Visitor’s Center for all the interesting points in and around Nome.

Along the beaches you will see many different sizes and designs of dredges. Weather permitting, they will be out dredging the sea floor for gold.

You can also take a drive to Pilgrim Hot Springs which is little over an hours drive from Nome. This is an orphanage that was built by the Jesuits for the children that were orphaned by the Diphtheria epidemic and other diseases during the 1920’s. Soak in the hot tubs and take pictures of the historical buildings still standing.  A permit is required to visit this site, which can be obtained at the Visitors Center.  

Another point of interest is McDuffee’s Mine, located about 25 miles on Glacier Creek Road. This is an especially picturesque area. There is an old mining cabin at the top of the hill (the last time we were there it had started to crumble).  

East of Nome you can see the “Last Train To Nowhere,” resting in the tundra on the way to Council.  These 3 engines are the only 0-4-4 T Fornay-type remaining in existence. They were built in 1881 and 1886 for use on the New York Elevated and later shipped to Nome, Alaska in 1903. The railroad was to connect Solomon with a mining area 65 miles north, but the project was never completed. This was the farthest north and west standard gauge railroad in North America. About 68 miles from Nome, Council is a lovely place with spruce trees surrounding the area. Council, Alaska is an old mining town located on the north bank of the Niukluk River. Many people have summer camps here, to get away from the everyday routine of life & catch Salmon. On the way to Council stop at the Safety Road House for a visit. At the Safety Road House the walls are lined with dollar bills from all the guests that visit.  

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