Panning week:    $1,500.00
Day rates:              $150.00
Group rates available


Dredging week: $3,000.00  at Remote Camps


Put on your life jacket and pull out your “gone fishing” sign. Alaska’s rivers and lakes are perfect for catching salmon.

Fish for a day in the Rivers close by:  Record Grayling have been caught here.  Price varies with trip distance:
$150.00- $200.00.

Packages Alaska Gold & Resort

All weekly packages include meals & room. We welcome Day Guests after 9:00 A.M.


Call Us Today 760-500-1329 Or 760-855-2855

Banking and Sluicing

Hi-Banking week:  $2,400.00
Day Rate:                $350.00

Historical Tour

Tours vary as to where you want to go.
We offer Remote tour adventures or historical tours of Mining Relics.
Prices: $150.00 - $200.00
Reservations required

ATV Rentals

Rent an ATV to travel to and from the workings or explore the tundra & historical relics lying about the landscape. This is offered only to those who are staying with us. Rhino rentals are available for rent by week or by the day. We have a limited number of ATVs and only 2 Rhinos. Reserve early if you want to take advantage of these rentals. 

Day rental rate
ATV :   $100.00 with gas
Rhino: $140.00 with gas
Weekly rental rate:
ATV:    $600.00 with gas
Rhino: $900.00 with gas ( 2 to 3 persons)

Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting  week    $2,400.00
Day rates:                         $350.00