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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

After four days of rain from yet another storm that blew into the Nome area, a bald eagle hung around camp for a few hours, watching all the construction activities happening around the Great Room addition. Not at all phased by the hammering and sawing, the crew placed some salmon fillets on a dirt pile for him/her and after a few minutes of eyeballing them, the eagle flew down and grabbed some lunch.

Wildlife is an important part of experiencing AKAU Gold Resort; but not all of Nome's wild critters stick around this long!


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Alaska Gold and Resorts is OPEN for business and guests have been coming up and enjoying wild Alaska, prospecting for gold as well as seeing the new addition to the Great Room. The view is FANTASTIC.

Experience Alaska like never before. There's no place like Nome.

Summer : P.O. Box 1567 Nome AK 99762   |   Winter P.O. Box 1373 San Marcos, CA 92079

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