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Eco Friendly

  • ​Akau is an Eco friendly resort, primarily focusing on protecting the natural environment.  We believe any development must be subjected to limits.

  • We recognize that a group can become too large to be ecotourism, therefore we limit our guests so that they have a greater experience.  We instruct our guests on the importance of minimizing any impact their activities may have on the landscape and resources in the pursuit of their activities.

  • Our tours provide direct benefit to the local economy & inhabitants, thus providing an incentive for the community support and preservation of the wild areas and wildlife habitat.

  • We practice 'Leave No Trace' indoors and outdoors.  We recycle all recyclable containers and papers.

  • As a mining operation turned into a resort, we reclaim all property that has been disturbed by any and all disturbances to all lands.  We were recognized by the Department of Natural Resources for Exceptional Reclamation of the property after mining was completed  on our claims worked in 2003.

  • We work with land management agencies to protect our public lands.  

  • All guests are introduced to the unique and diverse history of the area and the Eskimo culture.

  • We enjoy sharing with our guests the history of our area and the surrounding communities.

  • We installed Solar Power in 2016 & all the lighting is LED.  Propane  is used for cooking and an on demand electric hot water heater is used for showers and laundry.  We gather drift wood for heating our lodge.  We added an additional  (6) rooms to our lodge which now number  (10).   All cabins and rooms have been insulated to preserve the heat during the cooler days.   The Lodge is heated to keep our guests comfortable.

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