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Alaska Gold and Resorts is OPEN for business and guests have been coming up and enjoying wild Alaska, prospecting for gold as well as seeing the new addition to the Great Room. The view is FANTASTIC.

Traveling to Nome, amid the COVID 19 issue is not hard at all. The TWO key items to make travel easier and enjoy your stay at AKAU is (1) Get a COVID 19 test showing a negative result within 72 hours of your arrival in Nome. (2) Filling out the "City of Nome Travel Permit - 2020" 72 hours prior to travel. Instructions are at the top of the form to be emailed or faxed to the City of Nome. The turn around time getting the signed form back is FAST, usually within 24 hours.

City of Nome Travel Permit - 2020
Download PDF • 106KB

Other than that its just filling out a few forms and wearing a mask during your flight. Upon arrival in Anchorage, you will be presented with a State of Alaska Travel permit that only takes a few minutes to fill out. You then present your Negative test results and your are on your way.

Upon arrival in Nome, you are asked to present your City of Nome Travel Permit as well as your Negative test results. Again, you are on your way. Its that EASY!

However, if you choose not to get a COVID-19 test, you will be given one both in Anchorage and upon arrival in Nome; which will mean longer waits in line at both locations. In Nome, you will be required to be quarantined at Camp for 7 days until your test results come back. The key here is to get your COVID-19 test done BEFORE you travel if you choose to do so.

The Staff at AKAU has taken extra precautionary measures this year with extra deep cleaning of all common areas as well as deep cleaning the dining area before and after meals. Come join us this Summer and experience your true Alaska adventure.

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