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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

An early July storm rolled into the AKAU camp on Tuesday evening and lasted throughout the day on Wednesday when it quit raining later in the afternoon just in time for the weekly Crab Night. Guests are offered the option of having crab for their evening meal when crab is available. Guests can choose a half crab for $15 or a whole crab for $25. Those who choose not to eat crab are offered other meal options.

A little storm with wind and rain never stops prospectors from heading out metal detecting or going down to the high bankers to run some pay dirt. Some small nuggets were found metal detecting while the high bankers recovered a few grams of gold as well as some small nuggets.

On the 4th of July, a light rain rolled in on Thursday morning just before Nome 4th of July parade started. The weather didn't stop the folks who lined the Nome streets to watch the parade go by while the local children scrambled to get the frequently thrown candy from nearly every float. A couple of AKAU guest participated in the annual egg race after the parade. Although the AKAU Team didn't win they sure had a great time in the egg race and all finished without dropping their egg. Saturday's is forecast is to be sunny with the temps in the 70's.

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