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First Run Up Sledge Creek

The water went down on the Snake River so we took the first ATV ride of the season up Sledge Creek. We crossed the Snake River through knee deep water on ATVs and then headed up Sledge Creek in about one foot of water to catch the upper trail. Past the old dredge and to the usual stop to build a fire to grill hot dogs and prospect a bit. Later, we went up to the Window Rock and then back down to the Snake River to complete the loop. A half mile from the main road, we were blocked by high water from a beaver dam. So we had to back track several miles to our original crossing on the Snake River which took about 1 1/2 hours. One of the ATVs got high watered on the Snake but we managed to get it out with no problem. Once back at the Lodge, we had fried Pike along with the usual crab night fare.

Quad rescue

Bob crossing the Snake River

Hot dogs on the grill

A little shore lunch on Sledge Creek

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